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Eye Wash Station LED Safety Beacon Light

Eye Wash Station LED Safety Beacon Light

350 lm/m


Ultra bright, green safety indicator for eye wash stations

Eye Wash Station Industrial LED luminaire provides a super high visibility light to help identify eye wash stations even when eyesight has been compromised.

Specifically created to replace the existing fluorescent solutions, eliminate the need for constant maintenance and improve the visibility of a typical eyewash indicator luminaire.

An emergency battery backup version is available which allows the unit to continue to run over 2 hours in the event of a power outage.

Designed for

  • Green Eye Wash Lights
  • Emergency Eye Wash Lights
  • Other Safety Indicators

Key features

  • Retrofit design
  • Ultra bright green
  • High IP and impact ratings

In case of emergency

Accidents happen, and in some cases an eye wash station can be a life-line for the victim. Action needs to be taken immediately in order to avoid permanent damage. Emergency equipment must therefore be highly reliable. The Eye Wash LED is the most reliable indicator luminaire for those demanding applications.

Retro-fit installation

Eye Wash LED has been specifically designed to fit onto an industry standard spigot mount. The quick and easy retrofit design ensures that upgrade costs are minimized.

3 Year Warranty

Coolon luminaires are covered by a solid comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty that covers a range of possible defects and performance parameters throughout the duration of the warranty period.

Australian Made

Our products are designed and manufactured in Australia. Engineered to perfection, using only the highest quality components and highly skilled labour, each luminaire is assembled and thoroughly tested to ensure that it exceeds the highest standards.

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