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DLK2 LED Conveyor / Area Light

DLK2 LED Conveyor / Area Light

3,020 – 6,612 lm


Easy to install, highly reliable conveyor light

DLK2 offers the most robust and energy-efficient way of illuminating industrial conveyors, platforms and walkways. Capable of delivering the required minimum of 40 lux, even when lights are spaced up to 12m apart, and operating for years with next to no ongoing maintenance throughout all of the fixed plant infrastructure.

Also available in application-specific versions of Wildlife & Turtle Friendly Amber and Dark Sky Compliant.

Designed for

  • Conveyors
  • Walkways
  • Stairwells
  • Stacker / Reclaimers
  • Pedestrian Access Ways
  • Campsite Area Lighting
  • General Area Lighting
  • Mining Processing Plant
  • Tunnels
  • Bulkheads
  • Material Washing and Crushing

Key features

  • Quality uniform light
  • High IP and impact ratings
  • UL / cUL listed (MP versions)
  • Improved safety standard compliance
  • Available in turtle friendly amber and Dark Sky compliant

Lowest cost of installation

The DLK2 is so easy to install it can be done in minutes, without the need of any specialized tools. Simply open the hatch, connect the cable, tighten the gland, close the hatch.

The DLK2 is made to cut costs; even before it is ever turned on.

More light from fewer lights

Delivers double the illumination levels of traditiona light sources, even if the lights were pushed further apart.

DLK2 utilizes precision optics to shape the light beam and direct it all on the walkway below instead of wasting light in on illuminating the skies above.

Dark Sky Compliance

Lighting pollution is viewed as a negative product of most modern around-the-clock mining operations. It disturbs nocturnal animals, affects human circadian rhythms and severely impacts astronomy observatories.

The DLK2 is available in Dark Sky compliant configuration that features a specially designed hood as well as finetuned light specturm designed to control the effects of light pollution.

Dark Sky

3 Year Warranty

Coolon luminaires are covered by a solid comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty that covers a range of possible defects and performance parameters throughout the duration of the warranty period.

Australian Made

Our products are designed and manufactured in Australia. Engineered to perfection, using only the highest quality components and highly skilled labour, each luminaire is assembled and thoroughly tested to ensure that it exceeds the highest standards.

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