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Dark Sky

16 • 03 • 2022
Last edited 02 • 04 • 2024

Dark Sky LED lighting.
Making the stars shine brighter for you.

Why Dark Sky?

If you look up at the sky late at night, the chances are, you won’t be able to see that breathtaking view of myriad brightly shimmering stars scattered across the endless void of the cosmos. Maybe some intently glimmering ones, but that’s about it.

The culprit responsible for that shocking theft of aesthetic pleasure is lighting pollution.

Vastly present in big cities, light pollution causes more negative implications than it might seem. Besides hiding away the beauty of the night sky, it also interferes with the work of observatories, and negatively impacts the wildlife.

Best of Both Worlds

A range of our products is available with a Dark Sky option: the Dark Sky compliant products are optimized to preserve the night sky without affecting the light quality on the ground.

These fittings are equipped with a special hood or a banner around each LED plate, minimizing scattering of the light and focusing it on the ground where you need it.

Colour temperature

In addition to the special hood, the Dark Sky fittings feature optimized CRI.  For example, below are the recommendation currently active in Chile, one of the world's leading Dark Sky advocators :

  • No more than 15% emission between spectrum 300 to 380 nanometres ; (Ultraviolet)
  • No more than 15% emission between spectrum 380 to 499 nanometres; (CWT – blue)
  • No more than 50% emission between spectrum 781 to 1.000 nanometres. (Infrared)

Always consult your local laws and regulations to improve your practice and ensure full legal compliance.

Installation and proper optics

Installation is very important for Dark Sky compliance - the angle of installation must be 90 degrees facing the ground. To focus the lumens where we need them to, asymmetric optics BW1, BW3 are preferable and the AS4 optic is ideal.

To Sum Up


Light Pollution

Dark Sky compliant fittings significantly reduce lighting pollution and conform to local legislation.




Built specifically to operate in the harshest conditions of a mining site, Coolon fittings have a record of performing perfectly without slipping a beat for years at a time.




While optimized to reduce light pollution, Coolon Dark Sky luminaires always deliver sufficient lumen levels to keep the facilities safe and visible.




We offer a wide range of Dark Sky compliant luminaires. Regardless of your specific site, application and conditions, we have your perfect lighting solution.


Choose your champion

Whatever your site. Whatever your application. Whatever your requirements. We have the perfect option for your Dark Sky.

7,240 / 5,310 lm


Ultimate Smart Light
Butch LED Floodlight in application, installed on a mining/industrial site

9,333 – 31,175 lm


Versatile and high performing industrial LED flood light
DLK2 offers the most robust and energy-efficient way of illuminating industrial conveyors, platforms and walkways. Close up on the luminaire.

4,526 – 6,675 lm


Easy to install, highly reliable conveyor light
The EMDLK2/EMTNR2 is both a highly reliable conveyor/tunnel light and smart backup emergency light.

4,436 – 5,509 lm


A highly reliable conveyor/tunnel light with an inbuilt smart battery backup for emergency escape compliance to AS/NZS2293
Our most powerful and robust flood light that provides wider surface coverage without losing intensity or quality of light. Resistant to corrosion, impacts and vibration.

58,534 – 128,228 lm


High performing flood light for large areas
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