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Port Facilities on Iron Ore Mine

A range of Coolon industrial luminaires installed on various port facilities on Iron Ore mine. Ranging from conveyor belts, dredgers, stairwells, port lighting, area lighting and Eye Wash Station LED, Coolon has a variety of robust and reliable fittings for every application.

Products Used

DLK LED conveyor / area light for mining and industrial applications, close up view


4,966 – 7,066 lm


The original, highly reliable, field-proven conveyor light
DLK2 offers the most robust and energy-efficient way of illuminating industrial conveyors, platforms and walkways. Close up on the luminaire.

4,526 – 6,675 lm


Easy to install, highly reliable conveyor light
The EMDLK2/EMTNR2 is both a highly reliable conveyor/tunnel light and smart backup emergency light.

4,436 – 5,509 lm


A highly reliable conveyor/tunnel light with an inbuilt smart battery backup for emergency escape compliance to AS/NZS2293
Eye Wash Station Industrial LED luminaire provides a super high visibility light to help identify eye wash stations even when eyesight has been compromised.

350 / 901 lm/m


Ultra bright, green safety indicator for eye wash stations