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Marion 8050 dragline

Marion 8050 dragline working at night, lit up with Coolon XBlades.
Marion 8050 dragline working at night, lit up with Coolon XBlades.Close up on the shovel.
The inside of the house of a Marion 8050 dragline. Bright high-quality lighting is achieved using Zeeno and EM Bulkhead.

The XBLADE™  and HT66 are lighting up this Marion 8050 dragline, delivering powerful and reliable performance.

Lighting inside the house of the dragline is just as important as outside. Appropriate illumination level was achieved with ZEENO and EM Bulkhead.

Products Used

Our most powerful and robust flood light that provides wider surface coverage without losing intensity or quality of light. Resistant to corrosion, impacts and vibration.

58,534 – 128,228 lm


High performing flood light for large areas
The high lumen output and narrow beam optics of the the HT66 allows a single tower to iluminate extremely large areas. The power supply unit can be positioned up to 50m from the luminaire for easy maintenance.

32,562 – 51,664 lm


High performance flood light designed specifically for high mast lighting towers
The Zeeno is a compact and powerful high bay that has been engineered to withstand electrical surges that typically damage conventional high bays. 

24,768 – 33,312 lm


Robust industrial LED high bay with optical variations for different heights
Emergency Bulkhead / Bulkhead LED light in application, installed on a pole in an industrial port on a stairwell

3,883 – 4,364 lm


High performance, versatile, retrofit compatible LED bulkhead light