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By Application

Area/Flood Lighting

Our flood lighting options are versatile, high-performing and easy to install.

Conveyor Lighting

We designed our products to be the most energy efficient at illuminating industrial conveyors and walkways.


In an emergency situation our reliable emergency lighting shines when you need it most.

Hazardous Areas

We made sure our products are compliant in a range of safety standards, best suited for hazardous areas.

High Bay

Our range of high bays were designed to cover a variety of applications, from mines and factories to warehouses, retail stores and public spaces.

Lighting Towers

Our lighting is built tough: resistant to vibration, impact and shock proof, chemical resistant, high pressure washable and unaffected by severe temperature variations.

Mining Camp Site

Safety goes beyond the zones of extreme danger. Be safe and be seen on Mining Camp Sites with reliable Coolon luminaires.

Mobile Plant

We designed our products to fit many mobile machines and applications. Input voltage options range from 12VDC to 34VDC.

Port Lighting

Port Lighting is a dangerous place for lighting: extreme heat, constant vibration, thick dust, and continuous exposure to water. Good thing Coolon luminaires are purpose-built to withstand it all.


We designed these products to fit seamlessly into existing installations.

Security Lighting

Whatever the weather, whatever the time of the day, our robust range of security lighting deliver reliable and uninterrupted performance.


We designed these lighting products with specific functions in mind, to improve work site safety.


Expensive to maintain, incredibly difficult to operate, absolutely essential. Stacker / Reclaimer are a handful! One thing you never have to worry about is lighting. With Coolon’s robust fittings, install once and never worry about it again.


Your safety is our priority. Explore our reliable luminaires and never worry about insufficient stairwell lighting again.


In a tunnel, safety is paramount. Our range of tunnel luminaires is robust, reliable and glare-free to ensure smooth and secure operation.


We created these tough, reliable products to live underground.


Workshops are no place for poor lighting. Coolon luminaires have been designed with the user in mind, to deliver reliable, bright and glare-free lighting.


Warehouses must be operational and sufficiently lit up at all times. With long-lasting and reliable Coolon luminaires, you’ll never have to worry about lighting again.

Power Supply

Our emergency power supplies can allow lighting units to continue running in an event of a power outage.

Coolon App Compatible

Products compatible with the Coolon App

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