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Coolon Reporter App

14 • 03 • 2022
Last edited 06 • 06 • 2022

Coolon Reporter App. Instant battery checks for emergency lighting.

Inspections have never been that easy

On a mining site, frequent inspections of emergency lighting are essential and mandatory. They take time, effort and slow down the flow of the day.

That’s why we created Coolon Reporter App.

1. Open the App

The Reporter App is free to install and use, and it is also available for both App Store and Google Play.

Get it on Google Play Get it on Apple App Store

2. Press Scan

The interface is effortless to navigate. Simply press the scan button, and half the job is done!

3. Walk Past Compatible Luminares

Hold onto your device and walk past compatible luminaires. The Reporter App will simultaneously inspect all of the fittings in the vicinity.

4. Profit

That's it! Immediately, you will see a detailed report on all nearby fittings.

Here is what the report includes

  • Power outages experienced by the battery
  • Predicted Duration
  • Charge rates
  • Charge capacity
  • Battery health

Save Time

Extract the necessary information about the battery health at the press of one button, simultaneously testing multiple fittings in the vicinity. The full detailed report will appear immediately on the screen of your device.



Email Reports

Send the detailed emergency battery reports to your nominated email address immediately after the scan, cutting the inspection and documentation times in half.



Get Insights

You will immediately see invaluable insights on the operation of the emergency fitting, ranging from listing every experienced power outage to the predicted duration of the battery.



Simultaneous Inspections

Simultaneously test multiple lights in the vicinity as you walk past. Reporter App will automatically identify and inspect all of the compatible fittings in the vicinity.


Compatible luminaires

Whatever your site. Whatever your application. Whatever your requirements. We have the perfect fitting for you!

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