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Green Eye Wash

15 • 03 • 2022
Last edited 09 • 08 • 2022

Ultra-bright, green LED light for eyewash stations

Small light. Big Impact.

Dangerous chemicals are present on most industrial and mining sites. To prevent any severe eye damage should an accident occur, the industry standard is to use green LED lights next to the eyewash stations.

When failure is not an option.

Accidents happen on industrial and mining sites, and when they do you want to be ready. Coolon Green Eyewash Station LED is engineered to be the most reliable fitting, delivering uninterrupted performance in the harshest mining conditions. Built with high IP and impact ratings and featuring power surge protection technology, you know you can count on predictable operation.

No power - no problem

 We think of the worst-case scenarios and we built our fittings to withstand them. That’s why our Green EyeWash Station LED is available with an emergency backup version which allows the unit to continue working over 2 hours in the event of a power outage. We have thought of all the ways things can go wrong - so you don't have to.

Easy retrofit

Eye Wash LED has been specifically designed to fit onto an industry standard spigot mount. The quick and easy retrofit design ensures that upgrade costs are minimized.

Eye Wash LED has been specifically designed to fit onto an industry-standard spigot mount. The quick and easy retrofit design ensures that upgrade costs are minimized.

Experience encapsulated

Hundreds of visited sites. Thousands of insightful conversations. Countless units working successfully in the field.

To Sum Up



Eye Was Station LED provides very high-visibility light, improves site safety and reduced the chances of severe eye damage in case of emergency.




Built specifically to operate in the harshest conditions of a mining site, Eye Wash Station LED features high IP and impact ratings, power surge protection, and emergency back up battery in case of a power outage.




Eye Wash Station LED is designed to effortlessly replace the existing fluorescent luminaires, reducing installation time and minimizing the upgrade costs.




We offer a wide range of Green LED luminaires. Regardless of your specific site, application and conditions, we have your perfect lighting solution.


Choose your champion

Whatever your site. Whatever your application. Whatever your requirements.

Eye Wash Station Industrial LED luminaire provides a super high visibility light to help identify eye wash stations even when eyesight has been compromised.

350 lm/m


Ultra bright, green safety indicator for eye wash stations
The EMDLK2/EMTNR2 is both a highly reliable conveyor/tunnel light and smart backup emergency light.

4,436 – 5,509 lm


A highly reliable conveyor/tunnel light with an inbuilt smart battery backup for emergency escape compliance to AS/NZS2293
Emergency Bulkhead / Bulkhead LED light in application, installed on a pole in an industrial port on a stairwell

3,883 – 4,364 lm


High performance, versatile, retrofit compatible LED bulkhead light
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