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Cove Lighting

12 • 03 • 2022
Last edited 11 • 07 • 2023

Cove lighting.
Improve the look and feel of a space.

Primo X2 utilizes highly efficient LED chips and is offered in a broad range of colour temperatures and static colours.

What is cove lighting?

Cove lighting is a form of indirect lighting. The fittings are hidden, directing light up towards the ceiling and down adjacent walls. Once seen as only mood lighting, cove lighting can provide sufficient illumination to carry out general tasks. If executed correctly, coves can deliver ambient, glare-free, indirect lighting that makes a space appear more formal and striking.

Why use cove lighting?

Cove lighting is particularly popular because of its ability to generate dramatic effects, a quality ideal for highlighting architectural features and decor. Cove lighting ensures that you can produce indirect lighting not only to the ceiling but also to adjacent walls. Many designers prefer to use cove lighting because it can enhance the general appearance of a space.

What type of light is best used for cove lighting?

We recommend these 😉 Like any other trend, cove lighting design is constantly evolving to keep up with the times. Ultimately, the best type of lighting for cove systems depends on your specific needs and preferences.

LED Cove Lighting

There are many variables to consider when choosing LEDs for cove lighting; type of strip, colour temperature, output, LED pitch, wattage and dimming requirements. Even the slightest tweak to one variable changes the strip dramatically and how it may behave inside the cove.

  • Coves of a particular shape and size require closer pitch LEDs to ensure the LEDs are not seen as a point source and produce undesirable striations / scalloping. 
  • A cove may require an opal diffuser to ensure no harsh shadowing or striations are cast on the illuminated surface. 
  • A strip may be chosen because of its ability to run for long continuous lengths from 1 power supply location.
  • A strip may be chosen due to its ability to dim down accurately, gradually and predictably within the space.
  • A strip with short segments can be chosen to go into curved coves.
  • A strip with a CRI above 90 may be required for retail applications.
  • An IP68, fully submersible strip can be chosen for use in a swimming pool niche.

Whilst the above may sound like a lot to take in, the advantages of picking LED far outweigh any possible insecurity you may have, especially when picking Coolon as your LED cove lighting supplier.  All of Coolon LED strips feature on-board thermal management, 0 – 10V dimming, and are compatible with a range of proprietary control systems.

Coolon LED Lighting supplied over 5km of LED strip product for the reinvigorated Burswood Casino (Crown Perth) see below.

When it comes to cove lighting, Coolon LED lighting provides first-class products and solutions.

  • Significantly reduced maintenance. Coolon guarantees 70% residual lumen output after 50,000 hours.
  • Reduced installation time. LED strips of 1 – 3 meter lengths can be installed and daisy chained at a time.
  • Improved uniformity and appearance. LED strips do not produce nasty lamp holder shadows, striations, scalloping, glare, or dark / bright spots.
  • High Efficacy. High lumen package per watt.
  • Colour Temperature & Binning. LED strip offer an abundance of colour temperatures.
  • Smaller & Lighter fixtures. LED Strips are no bigger than 15 x 15mm and are far lighter, easier to install and more robust than fluorescent and cold cathode systems.

View the range of Coolon LED Cove Lighting here

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