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Emergency Operation

12 • 03 • 2022
Last edited 06 • 06 • 2022

Emergency lighting.
No power - no problem.

When failure is not an option

On any industrial or mine site, safety is the highest priority at all times. And in event of an accident, it's all more important to have reliable lighting guide the way.

Coolon’s range of emergency lights is built around the latest technology, ultra-safe, high power density batteries. Equipped with Coolon’s own purpose developed smart controller, it constantly monitors charge levels and ensures operational readiness in the toughest mining environments.

Experience encapsulated

Hundreds of visited sites. Thousands of insightful conversation. Countless units working successfully in the field.

Choose your champion

To ensure we can deliver your perfect lighting solution, we offer most of our fittings in turtle-friendly amber. Below are our featured luminaires that are most commonly selected for that glorious purpose.

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