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ALTO CL - LED strip chain module

29 • 03 • 2023
Last edited 11 • 04 • 2023

LED strip chain module

Alto CL - LED strip chain module

Alto CL offers unprecedented flexibility. Short rigid modules with flexible connectors can be individually turned and twisted to achieve the most detailed designs. Its fluid flexibility and creative control make Alto CL the perfect choice for curved cove lighting applications. Installation has never been so simple.

Installation is a piece of cake!

Installers love Alto CL. It takes 1/3 – 1/4 of the time to install compared to conventional flexible LED strips. Modules simply connect together with the provided plug and play connector. The integrated connectors are perfect for organic cove applications. Maintenance is also a breeze.

Alto CL is no wider than your thumb allowing it to hide within the smallest of spaces. Utilize a number of accessories to mechanically fix it to any surface or use our magnetic ball clip to aim the luminaire. Connect up to 14 metres or (80 modules) in a single direction. Or power up to 28 metres (160 modules) when splitting power feed from the middle.


  • Cove Lighting

  • Pelmet Lighting
  • Floating Ceiling

  • Organic Architecture


Modules are reverse polarity protected.

Scenario 1


Scenario 2



X = 80 Modules
14,400mm max
continuous length


X = 40 Modules
7,200mm max
continuous length


X = 26 Modules
4,680mm max
continuous length

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