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Gateway Business Lounge

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Lightwaves Design

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Jadecross Lighting


Hot Black Design


Rohan Venn Photography

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All Worx Electrical

This winding trail of gentle light creates a sophisticatedly luxurious ambience around the Gateway Business Lounge. Delicate yet powerful, the lighting complements the unique architecture of the space, enhancing the dramatic effect of the feature ceiling.

Products Used

Aduro CL is a revolutionary semi-rigid chain LED light that allows full flexibility around curved spaces.

657 – 1,315lm/m

7/14 W/m

Semi-rigid LED strip with optical control
Alto CL offers unprecedented flexibility. Short rigid modules with flexible connectors can be individually turned and twisted to achieve the most detailed designs

500 – 1,500 lm/m

5/10/15 W/m

Semi-rigid LED strip designed for cove lighting applications

400 – 800 lm/m

7/14 W/m

Ultra-compact LED strip with homogeneous light output