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Quality Management Systems - Is the ISO 9001 worth the trouble?

17 • 03 • 2014
Last edited 03 • 12 • 2020

Author: Eddie Kadic (Quality & Compliance Manager)

It goes without saying – a good quality management system is paramount to a successful business. So why isn’t every business getting certified? Surely every business wants to be successful?

I’m Eddie Kadic, the Quality and Compliance Manager at Coolon, a leading architectural, commercial, and industrial LED lighting manufacturer based in Melbourne. I attained ISO 9001 certification for Coolon’s design, manufacturing and oversee the ongoing process of system maintenance and improvement.

Is it worth it?

I often get asked if it is “worthwhile” becoming certified, and the short answer is yes! But there is more to it, so allow me to give you some insight from a manufacturer’s point of view.

When researching quality management systems (such as the ISO9001) you are likely to find a lot of information on the benefits it offers. However, there are always two sides to a story. How can you know when the time is right to make the jump and get certified?

Aside from people’s natural tendency to resist change, what really tends to keep new businesses from pursuing certification is fear of the unknown. Common misconceptions about the ISO 9001 quality management system include difficulty maintaining accreditation, and the requirement for unnecessary paperwork and documenting procedures. When making any business decision, one should take the “big picture” into account.

Why you need a Quality Management System

Customers are at the core of every business, and while “customers” can come in all forms, shapes and sizes, the aim is always to make the customer happy. A good business stays focused on the customer, but internal developments can divert attention away from the customer or dilute points of measure. The ISO 9001 standard was developed with customer satisfaction in mind. It requires the business to define a quality framework that ensures consistency, reliability and accountability – the foundations of doing good business and keeping a customer happy.

While a good management system is a must, being certified may not be the most time and cost-efficient way of moving your business forward. A small business may focus all its resources on growth opportunities, and push aside the question of process and documentation.

As the business expands, the larger workforce and increased output demand puts pressure on quality management and customer service. When business growth can no longer be supported by harder work and longer hours, and customer satisfaction is at stake, it’s time to look to controls, process improvement and stabilisation to provide quality control for your organisation.

The ISO 9001 & Coolon

Over the past two years, Coolon has invested in the implementation of an effective quality management system. We selected the ISO 9001 standard for its focus on customer and its global reputation. Since implementation, the boundaries of responsibility within our business have been better defined, enabling us to use time and resources more effectively.

The resulting benefits to product development, improved response times, and decreased production lead times allowed us to design the award winning DLK Industrial Conveyor LED Light. Our quality assurance standards allow us to guarantee and maintain the quality of our industrial and commercial LED lighting solutions as we continue to grow.

The best part of getting certified, however, has been the impact it has had on customers. While we have always received praise on the quality of our product and attention to detail, getting certified has given our customers a renewed sense of confidence in the level of service we provide. 

So, is it worthwhile becoming certified? If you’re in the business of making customers more comfortable, secure and happy, then – absolutely!

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