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Port Facilities on an Iron Ore Mine in Coastal Pilbara

Coolon DLKs installed on a stockpiling stacker reclaimer and a train loader facilities on an Iron Ore port in Coastal Pilbara, featuring turtle-friendly amber CRI.

Products Used

DLK2 offers the most robust and energy-efficient way of illuminating industrial conveyors, platforms and walkways. Close up on the luminaire.

4,526 – 6,675 lm


Easy to install, highly reliable conveyor light
DLK LED conveyor / area light for mining and industrial applications, close up view


4,966 – 7,066 lm


The original, highly reliable, field-proven conveyor light
The EMDLK2/EMTNR2 is both a highly reliable conveyor/tunnel light and smart backup emergency light.

4,436 – 5,509 lm


A highly reliable conveyor/tunnel light with an inbuilt smart battery backup for emergency escape compliance to AS/NZS2293