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Encapsulation Technology

13 • 03 • 2022
Last edited 05 • 04 • 2022

Encapsulation Technology.
Coolon’s signature technology for protecting and enhancing Architectural luminaries.

At Coolon, stunning lighting comes together with reliable performance.

We use state-of-the-art technology to encapsulate our products without the need for multi-part enclosures and gaskets. The result is a seamless appearance, enabling luminaires to be protected against demanding environments while retaining Coolon’s characteristic sleek, simple and aesthetically clean designs.

How our technology works

The encapsulation process involves a custom-designed 11-metre-long line from the Demak group, equipped with two three-metre-long pouring beds that each incorporate an oven. Each project is unique, and the process is set up and controlled by a skilled operator that manages the encapsulation process.

As one of the final manufacturing steps for each made-to-order Coolon luminaire that requires it, each piece is arranged on the beds ready for encapsulation. A thermosetting polyurethane resin is precisely flowed into each extrusion and then allowed to solidify, first undergoing a polymerisation process in the low-temperature oven and then curing at room temperature.

What sets it apart?

The materials are loaded automatically from storage tanks through volumetric piston pumps that are under continuous vacuum. This controlled dispensing system ensures that small air bubbles are removed and avoids additional risks seen in manual systems, including contact with contaminants. Our advanced low viscosity resins and precise curing processes ensure excellent adhesion to enclosure surfaces without shrinkage or volume reduction.

This clean and precise encapsulation method guarantees reliability, durability and quality, and provides multiple desirable physical characteristics and technical advantages.

Diffusion or clarity, where it’s needed.

Coolon has tailored complex mixing ratios for each application using a two-component system. The material is dispensed from two tanks at a variable ratio of pure resin to hardening agent, while exact temperatures and software management guarantee perfect mixing.

For our uniform glow products

A softer resin formula is placed within the luminaire profile, providing flexibility during normal operating temperature fluctuations. The luminaire is then finished with a hard, translucent layer that acts as a diffuser, providing a perfectly uniform illumination without any visible dots – perfect for direct view applications. Luminaires can also be installed close to vertical mounting surfaces with no risk of unsightly scalloping effects.

For our products with optical control

Each IP product with optics contains a specially designed and moulded potting envelope that sits over each optic. This ensures that the polyurethane resin doesn’t come into contact with the optics, which would fill the precise ridges and impede their effect. A clear resin is used over the potting envelope to ensure optical clarity, with the option of embedded micro louvres for glare control on some of our products.

For our inground products

Each seamless piece of acrylic in our Interra range has a precisely routed rebate to house its populated multilayer circuit board. To complete the luminaire, the acrylic piece is fully sealed with our polyurethane resin from the underside. The Interra segments can then be installed end-to-end to create a seamless line of gorgeous inground illumination.

Need full luminaire immersion?

We go to painstaking lengths to ensure our luminaires perform - we don’t take any chances. If water immersion is required - connections are critical.
For this application we offer gel-filled polycarbonate profile LED strip up to 2.5 metres in length. When equipped with two-metre Teflon cables and terminated in a dry location, the strip is suitable for constant water immersion (IP68).

Chedi Andermatt Hotel, Switzerland,
Product - Multo IP          Lighting Designer - The Flaming Beacon

Stability under harsh environmental conditions

Our reputation as the industry leader of industrial luminaires means we’re no stranger to tough environments. We apply this philosophy and commitment to durability just as stringently to our architectural products. learn more about our architectural testing process.

Ingress Protection

Ingress Protection

Protection of electrical components against water and dust.


Weathering Resistance

Weathering Resistance

Stability and reliability under harsh environmental conditions.


Impact Resistance

Impact Resistance

Resistance to mechanical stresses.


Abrasion Resistance

Abrasion Resistance

Self-healing properties.


Chemical Resistance

Chemical Resistance

Impervious to common harsh cleaning agents.


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