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Crown Perth

Lighting Design



Sean Fennessy

Various Coolon products were used throughout the Crown Perth Project.


Great Eastern Hwy
Burswood WA 6100

Products Used

1,600 lm/m

33 W/m

Compact, medium-power LED linear floodlight with optical control

30/60 W/m

High-power, colour changing (RGBW) luminaire with optical control

3,000 lm/m

60 W/m

High-power linear floodlight

1,600 lm/m


Compact, medium-power linear floodlight with optical control

570 – 1,010 lm/m


Versatile, compact LED strip with homogeneous light output

520 lm/m

8 W/m

Semi-rigid LED strip designed for cove lighting applications