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Surface & Underground Virtual Conference 2021

23 • 08 • 2021
Last edited 30 • 08 • 2021

We are excited to announce that Coolon is going to be participating in the Surface & Underground Virtual Conference 2021, as well as presenting our industry-redefining keynote "LIghting as a conduit for Technological  Disruption" by Andrew Orkin. Here is a little bit about our speaker:

As a Product Development Manager for Coolon LED Lighting Lighting in Australia, Andrew Orkin has spent over a decade in the lighting industry, focusing on making products that improve safety and productivity of the mining sector.

He holds two university degrees in areas of Business and Lighting Engineering and is a frequent guest speaker at various mining technology conferences, covering the topics of industrial lighting and technological innovations.

He has travelled across many mine sites around the world to learn about their specific operational challenges. This knowledge together with experiences gathered in the field allows Coolon’s teams of engineers and product designers to create revolutionary, award-winning lighting products that have been widely recognised and appreciated by both the Australian and international mining customers.

He will share knowledge, tactics, and approaches with you about Lighting as a conduit for technological disruption

Don’t miss your chance to get your FREE PASS to join us!

Click the link in bio or below link to register!

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