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Project Highlight: Council House Perth

15 • 10 • 2020
Last edited 27 • 07 • 2021

Introducing the Rejuvenated Council House Perth

Located in the heart of the city, Perth’s Council House is a cultural and architectural landmark like no other. Entangled with a myriad of vibrant colours, the façade is rejuvenated with Coolon’s Latitude RGBW luminaires. A detailed performance specification, rigorous auditing process and three nights of trials ensured that the selected product meets and exceeds all stakeholder requirements for many years to come.

Accentuating the Geometry

We performed multiple complex lighting studies of the façade. Accurate 3D geometry enabled us to select the optimal optic, length and location of each luminaire based on the structure of the illuminated feature. Illumination of the vertical elements and the underside of each cell provided the best definition to the structure, highlighting every intricate element and enhancing the ambiance of the surroundings. The location of each pixel is in perfect harmony with the architecture of the façade - and light is directed where it is required.

Quality of Light

One of the key performance requirements for the project was a high-quality, warm white light. Always driven to exceed the norm, Coolon selected the ultimate RGBW LED to achieve superior colour performance. In addition to exceptional reliability, precision and high power, the bespoke secondary colour collimation achieved within Latitude RGBW provides unparalleled colour quality at any angle.  

Ease of Installation

Coolon envisioned a seamless installation - conceiving of a luminaire that would enable us to halve the number of fixtures on the project. Our concept? Two individual segments at either end of a single luminaire. Each fitting has a single power entry with two addressable pixels that behave like individual fittings. This saved considerably on installation time, reducing the number of terminations required and improving future serviceability. Each fixture was supplied with IP66 male and female quick connectors, enabling fast and reliable connections every time. The connections between luminaires for power and data are completely tool free.


Coolon’s proprietary self-addressing technology enables simple installation or replacement of DMX luminaires without the need to hire a system integration expert. Manual on-site addressing during installation is no longer required with Coolon’s clever technology. The self-addressing luminaires automatically enumerate DMX channels in a consecutive manner when connected. By removing the need for any configuration, the installation process and unlikely replacements are a breeze for the client.

Creative License

The sequences of light and colour on a project of this scale are paramount, a considered installation requires a firm understanding of how the surrounding space is utilised and how the public engages with the building. Coolon created over 50 unique sequences, tailoring the content of each show to the specific size and shape of the façade and delivered by world-renowned control hardware by Pharos. Each scene created by Coolon was perfected on-site with direct feedback from the client.

Reliability. Always.

Coolon’s dedicated team of electronic engineers, mechanical designers and software developers continually aim to push the boundaries of technology. Clever design and innovative thinking are central to our drive for premium lighting products. Each product designed at Coolon is subject to hours of scrutiny, rigorous testing and evaluation, ensuring adherence to standards and regulatory requirements, both locally and internationally. Manufactured entirely within Australia, our products are created to deliver ultimate quality and years of reliable performance.

Coolon Is Your Project Partner!

 We’re not just another luminaire manufacturer. In addition to tailoring a site-specific product solutions, Coolon and our partners supply lighting calculations, wiring schematics, maintenance manuals and training and provide in-house show and content creation, support and commissioning. We aim to understand the objectives of our clients and provide world-class solutions with our consultative approach. Every step of the way, we are determined to deliver an exceptional product and unparalleled service - we don’t compromise on the details. That’s the Coolon difference.

When a Plan Comes Together

This project could not have been conceived without a courageous and imaginative client, who entrusted this project to a group of companies that shared in its vision. The prominence of the project as well as the technical difficulties of illuminating such a beautiful building made Coolon’s involvement even more exhilarating

PRODUCT INSTALLED: Latitude RGBW IP Linear Projector

SIZE OF PROJECT: Over 500 luminaires with 2 individually addressable pixels each

DELIVERY: Delivered in 10 weeks

CLIENT City of Perth

LIGHTING DESIGNER: Norman Disney & Young

CONTRACTOR: Insight Electrical Technology

PARTNER: Lighting Options Australia

VIDEO FOOTAGE: Osprey Creative

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