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FDP LED Highbay

30 • 12 • 2012
Last edited 03 • 12 • 2020

The FDP (Fluid Dynamic Transfer) sets a new benchmark in LED lighting technology. Designed as a direct replacement for up to 400W Metal Halide fittings, the FDP utilizes a light weight (4.6kg) heatsink coupled with most efficient and powerful LEDs.

The FDP works on the principle of a heat pipe, transferring the heat between two solid interfaces in order to maximize rapid dissipation. The heat sink, a breakthrough in thermal efficiency, uses a series of interweaved tube containing a small amount of specially formulated coolant that boils under low pressures. During normal operating conditions, the coolant turns to vapour by absorbing heat from the PCB hot surface. The vapour travels along the length of the pipe to the cooler interface where it condenses back into a liquid state, releasing the latent heat.  The liquid then returns to the hot interface where it repeats the cycle. This action enables the spread of heat in the fastest and most efficient manner, across the entire surface. The heat is then dissipated by convection to the surrounding air.

On top of having the best heatsink engine on board, the FDP is designed with active thermal management build into the circuitry. Thermal management ensures that in the event of extreme environmental conditions, the LED light sources are not damaged. The unit will simply gradually reduce the power consumption, to achieve a new equilibrium that is safe for operation in extreme conditions. This is similar circuitry that is built into all of Coolon LEDs Industrial / Commercial Products.

With the combination of these state of the art technologies FDP Highbay fixtures will run the full 50,000 hours plus and comes with a 3 year manufacturer warranty.

The FDP is a 240W fixture with a photometered 22,500 lumen package and is available in various mounting options and optics.

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