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Coolon lights up the Port of Newcastle

23 • 12 • 2021
Last edited 23 • 12 • 2021

The Port of Newcastle has collaborated with an Australian advanced manufacturer Coolon LED Lighting for a large lighting upgrade in the port facilities as well as in the surrounding Dyke Point Garden.

As a part of the project scope, Coolon has replaced over 400 light fittings for more reliable, efficient and environment-friendly LED luminaires, specifically manufactured in Coolon’s facilities in Australia for the project.

In order to meet the primary objectives of augmenting the illuminance levels, improving safety and enhancing hazard perception around the port facilities, an industrial-grade floodlight Butch was selected. Engineered specifically to deliver years of reliable operation in the harshest conditions, Butch is an ideal fitting to deliver the required performance.

For the community and culture orientated segment of the project scope, an architectural colour-changing luminaire Aria was selected. Aria was also used to illuminate Destiny, the signature landmark statue that commemorates the 200th anniversary of the Port of Newcastle operations. The fitting’s easy-to-control capabilities enable the Port of Newcastle creative control over the embankment’s lighting, allowing effortless selection, setting and deployment of colour and light sequences.

“As a proud resident of Newcastle myself, it has been a privilege and an honour to work on such a significant project with the Port of Newcastle. I am in no doubt that Coolon fittings will not only dramatically improve the safety aspects of the port operation but also add an exciting touch of creativity to one of the most important locations of the city.”- said Mark Kisza, Coolon account manager who worked on the lighting upgrade.

The Port of Newcastle has demonstrated the creative and technical capabilities of the colour-changing lighting system, lighting up the front of the Dyke Point Garden in red, green and gold to create the ambience of the festive season and thank the local community for their effort in the past year.

Coolon LED Lighting is an Australian owned, made and based advanced manufacturer of premium LED lights for Mining (BHP, FMG, Rio Tinto), Architectural (Shrine of Remembrance, Melbourne Town Hall, State Library of Vic) and Defence (Dept of Defence, BAE, Rheinmetall) sectors. Based in Victoria, Coolon has a direct and meaningful impact on the economy through creating local jobs, increasing Advanced Manufacturing capabilities (95 STEM careers developed since 2015 incl. 17 women in STEM) and exporting to overseas markets. Coolon’s factory houses advanced manufacturing equipment, skilled operators and production staff, a diverse multi-disciplinary R&D team, rapid prototyping facilities, test labs and specialised machinery. 

“It is great to see the Port of Newcastle engage with local manufacturers and choose Australian-made products for this project. Australian businesses need support now more than ever before, and increased interest from government agencies results in economic growth opportunities for Australia”- Mark Kisza.

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