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Coolon welcomes a new representative based in Singapore

29 • 06 • 2023
Last edited 29 • 06 • 2023

Coolon welcomes a new representative based in Singapore

This week, we are excited to welcome Jerry Tan to the Coolon Architectural team! With extensive experience in lighting, design, and business development, Jerry will be representing Coolon in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

Having started his career with a Diploma in Jewellery Design, Jerry has a highly trained eye for aesthetics and detail-oriented design process. He spent several years working with gemstones and precious metals, creating bespoke design solutions for one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces.

Jerry's vision for expansion led him to pursue a second degree in business and delve into the field of construction. During this time, he focused on innovative materials and experimental design, aiming to push the boundaries of traditional construction practices. By collaborating with architects and interior designers, Jerry explored the potential of raw-form innovative materials, seeking fresh and unique applications for them in construction and design projects.

Having been invited to join a lighting company after a particularly successful project, Jerry spent the past few years working in the industry, mastering it from many angles from lighting design to project management and business development, - as well as finding new implementations of his native talent for design and aesthetics.

“Lighting is more than simply creating a desired effect. It’s about combining the aesthetics of the design with a sense of comfort for the user with the aim of cultivating a positive everyday effect of lighting on the users.”

Joining Coolon, Jerry is bringing his unique and diverse skillset to represent the brand in Singapore and Southeast Asia. It has been a pleasure welcoming Jerry to our headquarters this week, and we are looking forward to the many beautiful projects to come!

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