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CNW Trade Show 2018

06 • 08 • 2018
Last edited 13 • 08 • 2020

Come visit Coolon LED Lighting on Wednesday 8th August at the CNW Trade Show 2018

Venue address: CNW Electrical Wholesale: 67/69 West St, Menzies Queensland 4825 Australia

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Day-bright illumination from extreme heights. Outstanding performance in hot and dirty environments. Versatility in installation. Meet the new star of Coolon High Bay range -StellaR.

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Coolon’s signature technology for protecting and enhancing Architectural luminaires.

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Located in the heart of the city, Perth's Council House is a cultural and architectural landmark like no other. Entangled with a myriad of vibrant colours, the façade is rejuvenated with Coolon’s Latitude luminaires. Learn more about the fascinating journey to bring life to the Council House facade!

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