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BRN LED Batten Light

BRN LED Batten Light

8,567 lm


The most indestructible batten luminaire available in the market

Designed specifically for the harsh conditions of the mining industry, the BRN is ready to withstand any hazards present on a site. This robust fitting features a scratch-proof series 6000 powder-coated aluminium body, a polyurethane encapsulation technology, complete input surge protection and high ratings of IP66 and IK09. Severe impacts, water/dust penetration, hot temperatures, and insects – nothing will interrupt the reliable performance of the BRN.

Providing an exceptional power of 70W at 230VAC input voltage, the BRN offers uninterrupted high-quality light, efficient energy consumption, high Colour Rendering Index and no stroboscopic effect.

The BRN doesn’t simply live up to the Coolon LED batten luminaire heritage– it exceeds it.

Designed for

  • Workshops
  • Switchboard / Switchroom
  • Pump Rooms
  • Carparks
  • Walkways
  • Stairwells

Key features

  • High IP and impact ratings
  • Quality uniform light

High Lumen Output

Providing double the power of an average LED batten, the BRN offers high lumen output, energy efficiency and no stroboscopic effect. 

Built To Last

The BRN is specifically designed to withstand harsh conditions of an industrial site. Equipped with a powder-coated aluminium body, input surge protection and IP66 rating, the expected lifespan is 50,000 hours at 75% brightness.

5 Year Warranty

Coolon luminaires are covered by a solid comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty that covers a range of possible defects and performance parameters throughout the duration of the warranty period.

Australian Made

Our products are designed and manufactured in Australia. Engineered to perfection, using only the highest quality components and highly skilled labour, each luminaire is assembled and thoroughly tested to ensure that it exceeds the highest standards.

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