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BNS LED Batten Light

BNS LED Batten Light

8,605 lm


The perfect and ultimate upgrade for your standard fluorescent setup

Built to last for many years at a time without replacement or repair, the BNS industrial luminaire alleviates you of any lighting-related problems. A perfect fit for the dimensions of its fluorescent predecessor, the BNS offers an effortless transition to robust, bright, and reliable lighting

Providing an exceptional power of 70W at 230VAC input voltage, the BNS delivers uninterrupted high-quality light, efficient energy consumption, high Colour Rendering Index and no stroboscopic effect
Reliable uninterrupted performance. Brilliant light. Reduced TCO. All coincide within BNS.

Designed for

  • Workshops
  • Switchboard / Switchroom
  • Access Areas
  • Carparks
  • Walkways
  • Stairwells

Key features

  • Upgrade for fluorescent setups
  • High IP and impact ratings
  • Class II insulated LED luminaire

Perfect Upgrade

Designed to provide an effortless upgrade from the common fluorescent setup, BNS features standard dimensions while delivering twice the light.

High Lumen Output

Providing double the light of an average LED batten, the BNS offers high lumen output, energy efficiency and no stroboscopic effect. 

Lasts for Years

BNS - LED Batten Light for mining and industrial applications, close up on installation.

The BNS is purpose-built to deliver efficient and reliable performance for years at a time. Install once and don’t worry about lighting for years.

5 Year Warranty

Coolon luminaires are covered by a solid comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty that covers a range of possible defects and performance parameters throughout the duration of the warranty period.

Australian Made

Our products are designed and manufactured in Australia. Engineered to perfection, using only the highest quality components and highly skilled labour, each luminaire is assembled and thoroughly tested to ensure that it exceeds the highest standards.

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