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Nicolaudie Controls

Nicolaudie Controls

Wall-mounted touch sensitive DMX controllers

The STICK range has been designed to offer the perfect lighting control solution for any environment.

DMX data messages are sent directly from the STICK to a DMX compatible power supply (sometimes called a DMX Driver). The power supply listens to the DMX messages and supplies the power to the lighting fixture. For example, an LED strip may use a 12V DMX power supply. The DMX messages are then passed on to the next lighting fixture or DMX driver.

  • Flat wall-mounted lighting controller
  • iPhone, iPad, Android applications
  • USB connection for easy programming
  • Stand alone touch sensitive control panel
  • Ethernet RJ45 or WIFI and synchronization
  • Easy Ethernet Integration
  • 8 Ports, RS232, Infra Red
  • Unlimited memory via SDCARD (KE2/DE3)
  • State of the art glass design and technology
  • 1024 DMX OUT channels
  • Ideal for RGB, RGBW and DMX lighting
  • Integrated clock/calendar
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