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FLC Microdesign

With over 30 years of experience in electronic circuit design, you can be assured of the most reliable and economical design standards to be utilised by FLC Microdesign.

FLC Microdesign Pty Ltd is an Australian-based electronics research and development company that delivers the full design life-cycle of LED lighting products and solutions to Coolon Pty Ltd.

FLC Microdesign’s research and development (R&D) capabilities are the central driving force behind Coolon's premium LED lighting products. With a focus on both industrial and architectural markets, FLC Microdesign develops the full spectrum of lighting solutions, from LED lighting products and electronics hardware to embedded software, switch-mode power supplies, and wireless distributed control systems.

With over 30 years of electronics design and product development experience, FLC Microdesign’s strength lies in a truly multidisciplinary R∧D team that covers the full product life-cycle from conceptual design, electronics schematics and PCB design, mechanical 3D design and prototyping, to automated testing, quality control, and design of tools and processes for volume manufacturing.

We hire outstanding talent from electronics hardware engineering, mechanical and industrial engineering, embedded software and web development backgrounds, who demonstrate a knack for innovation and creative problem-solving. Our engineers push the boundaries of product features and capabilities by working with peer experts and utilizing the most advanced technologies including embedded microcontrollers, SOCs, FPGAs, SMPS, ISM wireless and neuron networks.

The outstanding quality of LED products, for which Coolon is well known within the mining industry, is backed by FLC Microdesign’s wide range of tools including:

  • optical and X-ray inspection machines
  • advanced digital oscilloscopes
  • simulation and measurement tools and equipment
  • environmental chambers
  • photometric facilities, including integrating sphere, spectrophotometer and goniophotometer
  • fully-automated SMT assembly lines with reflow and vacuum vapor phase soldering
  • CNC encapsulation line
  • 3D printing
  • CNC machinery

To ensure compliance with Australian and international standards, FLC Microdesign follows ISO:9001 certified procedures for prototyping, manufacturing and products testing. This means that every newly developed product undergoes rigorous testing and quality control procedures, from parametric tests, EMC and electrical safety tests, to environmental and vibration testing, IP and IK compliance testing.