Industrial LED Product Benefits Explained

Cool Surface Temperature

Solid state luminaires are designed to dissipate the heat generated by the LEDs. Due to this, the LED fittings have a much lower surface temperature than traditional HID equivalents.

On typical industrial sites filled with smoke, exhaust, dust and moisture, a substantial amount of dirt is deposited onto the luminaire. In case of conventional gas discharge lamps, the high temperature of the exposed glass (typically about 200 degrees C), these deposits bake onto the glass surface and are often impossible to remove, even with a high pressure water jet. The light output is thus substantially reduced, thereby making overall efficiency much lower.

LED fittings have a much lower surface temperature (up to 65 degrees C typically, during operation). The lower surface temperature prevents dirt baking onto the surface, and allows LED Luminaires to be easily cleaned while operating. This lower surface temperature also makes LED Luminaire into a much safer device, especially in an environment where there is a danger of an explosion caused by ignition or heat.

Instant ON/OFF

LEDs do not require warm up. Instant on to 100% output translates to no downtime, improved safety and the ability to utilize sensor switching to significantly save energy.

While conventional gas discharge lamps generally require substantial time to warm up or even longer to restart after a power failure or a glitch, the LED Luminaire will start instantly, at full brightness, every time. The need for additional backup lighting or installation of costly hot re-strike gas discharge lamps is thus eliminated.

High Quality White Light with High CRI

High Quality White Light with High Colour Rendering Index.

This luminaire emits light with a spectrum closely resembling that of a natural daylight with relatively high colour rendering index (typical CRI of between 75 – 80), enabling excellent colour differentiation. This sets a very high standard for most commonly used industrial luminaires.

Unrestricted Burning Position

LED luminaires are more flexible when it comes to aiming angles and orientation.

While many conventional gas discharge lamps involve complex chemical reactions to sustain the burning process, they are required to be placed in a specific position to achieve the specified useful life and performance during operation. This means that these lamps are strictly limited to the position that they have been designed for. This LED Luminaire does not have any restrictions on its position or orientation and can be turned in any desired way without affecting the lifespan of the product.

No Flickering

High Quality white light without stroboscopic flickering.

LED luminaires run on constant low voltage DC power and do not produce any visible stroboscopic effects, thus reducing the strain on eyes and significantly improving safety in areas where moving machinery is present.

Low Susceptibility to Vibration

This luminaire is designed to handle continuous exposure to vibration.

A typically critical issue affecting the life and operation of most common gas discharge lamp based light sources is mechanical shock and vibration, common to many industrial installations. Being a solid state device, LEDs are capable of withstanding vibrations of much greater intensity than most lamps.

Extra Low Voltage Operation

Eliminates the danger of exposure to electric shock.

This LED Luminaire may operate on an extra low voltage DC power. It is substantially safer to work with than any conventional Mains powered light source. It can be mounted on a variety of mobile equipment and coupled with battery backed supplies.

LONG useful operating LIFE (L70)

This luminaire’s life is rated at 50,000 hours to 70% residual light output.

Currently available specification from world's most reputable LED manufacturers states 50,000 hours of continuous operation at the rated current within the operating temperature range to 70% residual light output.

Optics – Optical Distribution

A range of optical variations, offers the ability to maximise the effective performance in each particular application.

Each luminaire can be equipped with a range of specifically design optics to achieve the appropriate light levels. Optics can minimize the number of luminaires required by pushing the light exactly where required.

3 Years Warranty

All Coolon Industrial Products are covered by a solid comprehensible 3 year Manufacture’s Warranty.

Conventionally LED luminaires do not fail like other HID / Halogen luminaires. They degrade in output over thousands of hours. However, a fault should be considered when output falls below 70% in residual output within the warranty period. Degradation is not covered by warranty terms and conditions by our competitors.

Proudly Made in Australia

Coolon products are proudly designed and manufactured in Australia.

Engineered to perfection, using only the highest quality of component and highly skilled labour, each luminaire is painstakingly assembled, sealed and thoroughly tested to ensure that the product meets and exceeds the highest of the world’s standards.

High IP Rating - IP66

“Coolon’s Industrial LEDs are designed specifically to withstand the harsh conditions in mining environments. The robust design allows our LED products to be used in many different applications and are high pressure washable, even during operation.”