DLK MK2 Wins Luminaire Design Award


The DLK MK2 Industrial Conveyor LED Light has been given a Luminaire Design Award in 2015 by the Illumination Engineering Society. We are deeply honored by the award from our peers within the industry.

DLK MK2 Industrial Conveyor LED Light 
There is no need to reinvent something that already works well, but there is always a way to dramatically improve it.
The DLK MK2 is the next generation of an award winning luminaire that has already made significant changes in the world of industrial lighting. However, we felt that there is a space to do more. So we have set out on a 16 months long journey to re-build the DLK in a way that would benefit our customers even more and take another giant leap forward, ahead of the industry.
The following is the snippet from the design brief that was followed to build the DLK MK2:
  • •  To be high performance – be able to meet and exceed light levels required for safety.
  • •  To be optically efficient – be able to minimize the number of lights/poles required.
  • •  To be drastically superior – with plenty of grunt in reserve, without the need to cut corners.
  • •  To be highly reliable – be able to survive in extremely tough environmental conditions.
  • •  To be electrically resilient – be able to withstand long, high voltage spikes.
  • •  To be totally sealed – completely dust and water tight to high pressure wash.
  • •  To produce minimal lighting pollution and be environmentally unobtrusive.
  • •  To be affordable and competitive, without the need to push the CapEx budgets.
  • •  To be much faster to install – to slash the costly time/effort required on replacement.
  • •  To be versatile and always readily available – on site in 3 days.
  • •  To be intelligent and responsive - not just a light it’s wirelessly controlled, intelligent node.
  • •  To provide a backbone for future technological expansions –communication highway
  • •  To set the new, global standard for industrial illumination.
Join us, in the year 2015 as we mark another milestone in Coolon’s history when the DLK MK2 is born. 

For more information regarding the DLK MK2 Industrial Conveyor LED Light click here.


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