Lumen Output: 4,436 – 5,509 lm (MP)

Power: 60W

EMDLK2/EMTNR2 represents a substantial step forward in products specifically developed for Conveyor Lighting able to work in the most demanding conditions. The EMDLK2/EMTNR2 utilises a solid state integral emergency module. The emergency power is provided by safe LiFePO4 cells with a host of intelligent management circuitry. The EMDLK2/EMTNR2 performs constant operational readiness tests, ensuring reliable emergency lighting will be available when needed. The onboard processor will notify the user should the unit ever need attention allowing operators to better utilise their time. With a balance between performance, intelligence and reliability, the EMDLK2/EMTNR2 is the ultimate industrial integral EM luminaire.

Download EMDLK2 / EMTNR2 Specification Sheet (PDF)

Smart Industrial
Emergency Lighting

Coolon’s range of emergency lights are built around latest technology, ultra-safe, high power density batteries. Controlled by Coolon’s own purpose developed smart controller that constantly monitors charge levels and ensures operational readiness in the toughest mining environment.

Time Saving Reporting

Shorten inspection times using Bluetooth/Coolon App the EMDLK2/EMTNR2 internal intelligent charger system keeps track and is able to provide reports on:

  • Power outages experienced by the battery

  • Charge rates

  • Charge capaity

  • Battery health

Product Benefits

Cool surface temperature

Solid state luminaires are designed to dissipate the heat generated by the LEDs. Due to this, the LED fittings have a much lower surface temperature than traditional HID equivalents.

Instant ON/OFF

LEDs do not require warm up. Instant on to 100% output translates to no downtime, improved safety and the ability to utilize sensor switching to significantly save energy.

No flickering

High Quality white light without stroboscopic flickering.

High IP rating - IP66

This product is high pressure washable.

Low Susceptibility to Vibration

This luminaire is designed to handle continuous exposure to vibration.

LONG useful operating LIFE (L70)

This luminaire’s life is rated at 50,000 hours to 70% residual light output.

3 years full/solid Warranty

All Coolon Industrial Products are backed by a Solid 3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Proudly Made In Australia

Coolon products are proudly designed and manufactured in Australia.


Optical Characteristics
Luminous Flux (Photometered) 4,436 – 5,509 lm (MP Mode)
CRI >70 excluding Green
Electrical Characteristics (Luminaire)
Power Consumption 62W MP Mode
Nominal Voltage 230VAC
Voltage Range 176 – 305VAC / 190 – 250VDC
Frequency Range 47 – 63Hz
Power Factor >0.95 / 230VAC
Inrush Current (I²t)¹ Inrush Current (I²t)¹
Leakage Current <0.75mA / 277VAC
Charge Time 16 hours
Battery Type LiFeP04
EM Discharge Time Type 120 minutes intial / 90 minutes in service
IP Rating IP66
Impact Rating IK09
Salt Spray Tested Yes
Operating Temp. Range 0 to +50°C
Thermal Management Type Active/Continuous
Expected Lifespan 50,000 Hours to 70% Brightness
Material Composition (Body) LM6 Aluminium Alloy (<0.1% copper content)
Material Composition (Optics) Polycarbonate
Material Composition (Cover)
Mounting / Bracket Type U-Bolt Spigot Mount OD 32 – 44 mm
Cable Gland M20 x 1.5 SS316
Cable Ø Entry Range 7 – 13 mm
Luminaire Weight 7kg
Packaging Dimensions 560 x 470 x 230mm
Packaged Weight 9.4kg
3 years warranty as standard
5 years extended warranty optional

¹Note: At 220VAC input, 25° cold start, duration=112µs , 10%Ipk-10%Ipk. See Inrush Current Waveform for the details.



Safety Standards
AS/NZS60598.1 Luminaires - General Requirements and Tests
AS/NZS 60598.2.1 Luminaires - Particular requirements - Fixed general purpose luminaires
AS/NZS 2293 Emergency lighting and exit signs for buildings
AS/NZS CISPR15 Limits and methods of measurement of radio disturbance characteristics of electrical lighting and similar equipment


  Title Description File Size Download
EMDLK2 / EMTNR2 EMDLK2 / EMTNR2 Full EMDLK2 / EMTNR2 specifications - PDF format 1249 KB   DOWNLOAD
EMDLK2 / EMTNR2 (Spanish) EMDLK2 / EMTNR2 (Spanish) Full EMDLK2 / EMTNR2 specifications in Spanish - PDF forma 1366 KB   DOWNLOAD
EMDLK2 Manual EMDLK2 Manual EMDLK2 installation instructions - PDF format 1857 KB   DOWNLOAD
EMDLK2 Manual (Spanish) EMDLK2 Manual (Spanish) EMDLK2 installation instructions in Spanish - PDF format 2125 KB   DOWNLOAD
EMTNR2 Manual EMTNR2 Manual EMTNR2 installation instructions - PDF format 2137 KB   DOWNLOAD
EMTNR2 Manual (Spanish) EMTNR2 Manual (Spanish) EMTNR2 installation instructions in Spanish - PDF format 2138 KB   DOWNLOAD
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