Lumen Output

255 – 2,098 lm / metre


11.2 – 33.6W / metre

The Forma LED Strip offers the perfect combination of performance and aesthetic. Versatile product lengths along with 90 degree corner options allows the fitting be tailor suited to create the perfect lighting effect to compliment your unique project.

This range can be supplied as a suspended pendant or a surface mounted fitting in three wattage options (11W, 16W and 33W). Many other customizable options are also available including louvres to reduce glare and custom profile colours.

Highly Versatile Length Options

Highly versatile length options allows the user to achieve much more accurate and adaptable lengths. The Forma is able to achieve any desired length within a 37.5mm increment.

Product Benefits


This luminaire’s life is rated at 50,000 hours to 70% residual light output.

Various CCT & Colour Binning Consistency

Product is offered in various Colour Temperatures using tighter bins.


All Coolon Architectural Products are backed by a Solid 5 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Made in Australia

Coolon products are proudly designed and manufactured in Australia.


Forma 11W Version 16W Version 33W Version
Part Number STR-FORMA
Description Forma Low Power LED Strip
Segment Length (S) 300mm
Sub-Segment Length (A) 37.5mm
Number of Sub-Segments 8
Segment Width 10.50mm
LED Pitch 5.35mm
LEDs Per Segment 56
LEDs Per Sub Segment 7
Operating Voltage 42VDC
Typical Power Consumption per Segment 3.3W 5W 10W
Typical Power Consumption per Metre 11.2W/m 16.8W/m 33.6W/m
Colour Rendering Index (CRI) 80 (Standard) up to 90
or DRV-DIMMERPOINT-1X10A (sold separately)
External Heatsink Required No
Ambient Operating Temp Ta -40°C to 50°C
Reported Lumen Maintenance
TM21-11 (@ Ts = 55°C, lf = 65mA)
L70 (12K) > 72,000 hours
L90 (12K) = 59,000 hours

Forma max. operating values (@ Ts = 40°C, If = 30mA)
IP Rating IP40
Max Continuous Connection Length Please refer to installation limitations


  Title Description File Size Download
Forma Forma Full Forma specifications - PDF format 1660 KB   DOWNLOAD
Forma Form Forma Form Forma product form - PDF format 208 KB   DOWNLOAD
IES FILE FORMA 16W 3.0K S0A6 P20D BLK IES FILE FORMA 16W 3.0K S0A6 P20D BLK STR - Forma, 3000K, 287.5mm, P20D, Black Profile 29 KB   DOWNLOAD
IES FILE FORMA 16W 3.0K S0A6 P20D WHT IES FILE FORMA 16W 3.0K S0A6 P20D WHT STR - Forma, 3000K, 287.5mm, P20D, White Profile 29 KB   DOWNLOAD

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