Primo CC

Lumen Output

1000 lm / metre


11W - 14W / metre

Hosting the power of its linear sibling, the Primo CC can twist and turn around any corner. This flexibility makes the Primo CC LED strip the ultimate architectural lighting solution by adapting to spaces where curved and straight lines interact.

The products versatility makes it suitable for numerous applications where customised shaping on-site can be seamlessly integrated into the design.

Curve Rigid Strips with Ease

The Primo CC is a rigid chain module that has flexible connection in between modules, enabling use in curved coves and pelmets.

Simplified Installation

The strip arrives pre-connected to suit the length required on site. Simply take out of the box and connect it to power.

Product Benefits


This luminaire’s life is rated at 50,000 hours to 70% residual light output.

Various CCT & Colour Binning Consistency

This product is offered in various Colour Temperatures using tighter bins.


All Coolon Architectural Products are backed by a Solid 5 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Made in Australia

Coolon products are proudly designed and manufactured in Australia.


Primo CC
Powered by 24VDC Powered by 48VDC
Product Code STR-PRIMO CC
Description LED Strip Chain Module
Segment Length (S) 90mm
Segment Width 20.50mm or 24.10mm with Mounting Clip
LED Pitch 14.00mm
LED Pitch 6 or 2x6
Operating Voltage 24VDC 48VDC
Typical Power Consumption per Segment 1.0W per 90mm Segment 1.3W per 90mm Segment
Typical Power Consumption per Meter 11W per Meter 14.3W per Meter
Typical Current 41mA per 90mm Segment 27mA per 90mm Segment
Colour Rendering Index (CRI) 80+
Max Continuous Connection Length 3.6 Metres 5.4 Metres
Dimmable Through CTR-DALILOGIC-COVE or CTR-DIMMERLOGIC (sold separately)
Effective Beam Angle 120°
External Heatsink Required No
Ambient Operating Temp Ta -40°C to 50°C
Thermal Management Yes (Active)
Average Lumen Maintenance @Ta 25°C 70% @ 50,000 Hours
IP Rating IP20 (Standard)


  Title Description File Size Download
Primo CC Primo CC Full Primo CC specifications - PDF format 1161 KB   DOWNLOAD
IES FILE PRIMO CC 3.0k IES FILE PRIMO CC 3.0k STR - PrimoCC 1 Module 3000k 38 KB   DOWNLOAD
Primo CC Form Primo CC Form Primo CC product form - PDF format 296 KB   DOWNLOAD

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