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Cove Lighting by Coolon

31 • 12 • 2012
Last edited 03 • 12 • 2020

When it comes to cove lighting, Coolon LED lighting provides first class products and solutions. Coolons proven and guaranteed practices ensure the highest reliability, colour binning and consistency.

Once seen as only mood lighting, LED Cove products can now provide sufficient illumination to carry out general tasks.  If executed correctly, coves can deliver any room with a high, ambient, glare free and indirect lighting system that makes any space appear more formal and striking.
LED cove lighting systems offer many advantages:

  • Significantly reduced maintenance. Coolon guarantees 70% residual lumen output after 50,000 hours.
  • Reduced installation time. LED strips of 1 – 3 meter lengths can be installed and daisy chained at a time.
  • Improved uniformity and appearance. LED strips do not produce nasty lamp holder shadows, striations, scalloping, glare, or dark / bright spots.
  • High Efficacy. High lumen package per watt.
  • Colour Temperature & Binning. LED strip offer an abundance of colour temperatures, it can be both advantageous and disadvantageous to offer these choices. See more below.
  • Smaller & Lighter fixtures. LED Strips are no bigger than 15 x 15mm and are far lighter, easier to install and more robust than fluorescent and cold cathode systems.

Coolon offers an abundance of white light colour options. LED strips can be manufactured to range from 2,400K – 10,000k depending on customer requirements.  Binning LEDs (grouping by colour temperature and output) is notoriously difficult, and binning warm colour is especially difficult as the human eye can distinguish very small colour differences, in other words, MacAdam Ellipses shrink at warm white colours.  At the same time, the binning provided by LED Manufacturers is not tight enough for some large scale installations. To ensure colour consistency, we test each and every batch of already binned LEDs and create very tight sub-bins, where LED strips are matched by Chromaticity Coordinates (see diagram), not only by colour temperature.  Two matching CCT strips could both read 2,700k, but may have slightly different coordinates, making one appear slightly red and the other slightly green, depending on their chromaticity co-ordinate position in respect to a black body locus.

Our in house photometric lab, complete with dark room with a Goniophotometer as well as integrating sphere and Spectrophotometer allows us to take measurements as soon as the product comes off the line.  Each strip is then re-tested and labelled individually, dictating its location in a particular part of the venue prior to installation.  This significantly cuts down on installation time as no reshuffling or colour matching of strips is required on site.

There is no doubt there are many variables to consider when choosing LED strips for cove lighting; type of strip, colour temperature, output, led pitch, wattage and dimming requirements.  Even the slightest tweak to one variable changes the strip dramatically and how it may behave inside the cove.

  • Coves of a particular shape and size require closer pitch LEDs to ensure the LEDs are not seen as a point source and produce undesirable striations / scalloping. 
  • A cove may require an opal diffuser to ensure no harsh shadowing or striations are cast on the illuminated surface. 
  • A strip may be chosen because of its ability to run for long continuous lengths from 1 power supply location.
  • A strip may be chosen due to its ability to dim down accurately, gradually and predictably within the space.
  • A strip with short segments can be chosen to go into curved coves.
  • A strip with a CRI above 90 may be required for retail applications.
  • An IP68, fully submersible strip can be chosen for use in a swimming pool niche.

Whilst the above may sound like a lot to take in, the advantages of picking LED far outweigh any possible insecurity you may have, especially when picking Coolon as your LED cove lighting supplier.  All of Coolon LED strips feature on-board thermal management, 0 – 10V dimming, and are compatible with a range of proprietary control systems.

In 2012 Coolon LED Lighting supplied over 5 km of LED strip (Aduro) XP695 product for the reinvigorated Burswood Casino (Crown Perth).  Coolon develops close partnerships with both suppliers and customers to deliver the highest quality and supreme reliability LED Lighting solutions in a range of applications.  All Coolon LED products are proudly made in Australia.

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