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Reduce Costs

Light maintenance is a hidden cost component in every operation. This substantial cost is often deeply embedded into various maintenance budgets and is rarely wholly accounted for. Our multi award winning industrial lighting solutions are purpose built to survive in the toughest mining environments and pay back many times their cost.


A savvy electrical supervisor identifies that switching to Coolon DLK on his overland conveyor addresses ongoing safety and reliability issues. He can save $5.6M over 10 years. Optimising pole spacing due to superior lighting performance allows him to achieve even greater savings.

New Installation


NPV over 10 years
on $493K investment



NPV over 10 years
on $313K investment


  • Compared to total cost of ownership (TCO) of traditional gas discharge (HPS) lamps
  • Conveyor length of 3.1 miles
  • Minimum point illuminance of 40 lux
  • Night-time operation 12 hours / 7 days / 52 weeks
  • Cash flows discounted at 8% (DCF)
  • Expected lifespan in harsh conditions to 70% output 50,000 hours (DLK) vs. 2000 hours (HPS)
  • No. of replacements over 10 years none (DLK) vs. 23 (HPS)
  • Labour cost $45ph (high voltage) and $31ph (low voltage industrial electrician)
  • Energy cost $0.08 per kWh
  • Unit cost includes luminaire and Swivelpole
  • New installation requires 417 DLK poles vs. 962 HPS poles based on photometric calculations
  • Replacement project based on 625 poles

Improve Safety

International standards for industrial illumination require the light levels to be maintained at over 40 lux on the floor of a walkway to ensure safe movement. Without proper illumination across walking surfaces, your colleagues may be unnecessarily subjecting themselves to risk of serious injury.

Mining environments are particularly hard to ensure this compliance because lights get exposed to heavy deposits of dirt, extreme temperatures and continuous vibrations. This causes lamps to fail far more often then what is practical for ongoing replacement. We have built a range of lighting solutions that can maintain the required illuminance levels without the need of ongoing maintenance.

Boost Performance

Using the latest in LED lighting technology, the DLK is able to achieve some of the highest ratings of energy efficiency in the world. The DLK’s advanced optic control can reach unprecedented pole spacings that are double that of what is considered as standard.


Coolon DLK

The overall energy efficiency can then be pushed even further by use of integrated Day Light Sensor in each luminaire. All this can help reduce power consumption by over 70%. Considering that most sites have hundreds of these lights, this can stagger savings of running costs that are in Millions. This is particularly obvious on remote sites with high cost of power generation. The DLK is the small investment with a massive impact.