TNR - Tunnel Ray

Lumen Output: 3,632 – 6,612 lm

Power: 60W

Robust build, remarkable efficiency and low glare light output, are the typical traits that make Tunnel Ray simply the ideal bulkhead luminaire. Built on the backbone of the multi-award winning DLK, the Tunnel Ray is both lightweight and versatile with flexibility to fit many different applications.

Download Tunnel Ray Specification Sheet (PDF)

Quality Light Output

The Tunnel Ray is the perfect choice of luminaire for applications that require:

  • Energy Efficiency

  • Glare Free High Quality White Light

  • High Colour Rendering Index

  • No Stroboscopic Effect

Robust, Solid
Body Design

Built on the backbone of the multi-award winning DLK, the Tunnel Ray uses the same, proven solid body technology that allows it to be compact, lightweight, robust and completely resistant to vibrations.

  • Impact/Shock Proof

  • Resistant to Chemicals

  • High Pressure Washable

  • Unaffected by Severe Temperature Variations

Product Benefits

Cool surface temperature

Solid state luminaires are designed to dissipate the heat generated by the LEDs. Due to this, the LED fittings have a much lower surface temperature than traditional HID equivalents.

Instant ON/OFF

LEDs do not require warm up. Instant on to 100% output translates to no downtime, improved safety and the ability to utilize sensor switching to significantly save energy.

No flickering

High Quality white light without stroboscopic flickering.

High IP rating - IP66

This product is high pressure washable.

Low Susceptibility to Vibration

This luminaire is designed to handle continuous exposure to vibration.

LONG useful operating LIFE (L70)

This luminaire’s life is rated at 50,000 hours to 70% residual light output.

3 years full/solid Warranty

All Coolon Industrial Products are backed by a Solid 3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Proudly Made In Australia

Coolon products are proudly designed and manufactured in Australia.


Optical Characteristics
Luminous Flux (Photometered) 3,632 – 6,612 lm
Luminous Flux (LED Lumens) 6,400 lm
Electrical Characteristics (Luminaire)
Power Consumption 62W Typical 62W Typical 62W Typical
Nominal Voltage 230VAC 230VAC 24VDC
Voltage Range 90 - 305VAC,
127 - 431VDC
180 - 528VAC,
254 - 747VDC
23 - 27VDC
Frequency Range 47- 63Hz 47- 63Hz N/A
Power Factor >0.95 / 230VAC >0.98 / 230VAC
>0.97 / 277VAC
>0.97 / 347VAC
>0.93 / 480VAC
Leakage Current <0.75mA / 277VAC <0.75mA / 480VAC N/A

IP Rating IP66
Impact Rating IK09
Salt Spray Tested Yes
Operating Temp. Range -20 to +50°C
Thermal Management Type Active/Continuous
Expected Lifespan 50,000 Hours to 70% Brightness
Material Composition (Body) Aluminium Alloy (Anodised and E-Coated)
Material Composition (Optics) PC LEV1700
Material Composition (Bracket) Stainless Steel 316
Emergency Pack (where fitted)
Charge Time 8 hours
Battery Type LEAD CRYSTAL®
Discharge Time Over 2 hours
Luminaire Weight 5.1kg with Hood
Bracket Weight 1.1kg Stainless Steel Bracket
Packaging Dimensions (TNR) 460 x 440 x 180mm
Packaged Weight (TNR) 6.4kg (Standard)
Packaging Dimensions (EMP) 400 x 280 x 180mm
Packaged Weight (EMP) 10.75kg
Warranty 3 years warranty as standard
5 years extended warranty optional


  Title Description File Size Download
Tunnel Ray Tunnel Ray Full Tunnel Ray specifications - PDF format 3375 KB   DOWNLOAD
Tunnel Ray Manual Tunnel Ray Manual Tunnel Ray installation manual - PDF format 2438 KB   DOWNLOAD
Tunnel Ray EMP Manual Tunnel Ray EMP Manual Tunnel Ray EMP installation instructions - PDF format 2410 KB   DOWNLOAD
Tunnel Ray (Spanish) Tunnel Ray (Spanish) Full Tunnel Ray specifications in Spanish - PDF format 3448 KB   DOWNLOAD
IES FILE Tunnel Ray IES FILE Tunnel Ray TNR IES Files 1776 KB   DOWNLOAD

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