Pathlight Guardian™

Lumen Output: 1,000 – 1,300 lm

Power: 10W

Pathlight Guardian™ LED luminaire is a durable path light that is ideal for use with solar panels to illuminate remote areas.

Made specifically to withstand the harshest environmental conditions, Pathlight Guardian™ LED luminaire offers reliable performance that will improve the safety of your neighborhood.

Pathlight Guardian™ is proudly designed and manufactured in Australia. It is easy to install and environmentally friendly. With special optics designed to focus its light distribution, Pathlight Guardian™ provides maximum illumination and minimum disruption to animals. .With a marine grade stainless steel body, Pathlight Guardian™ is available in a range of colour temperatures.

Download Pathlight Guardian™ Specification Sheet (PDF)

Robust & virtually indestructible

Pathlight Guardian™ LED luminaire has been specifically designed to withstand vandalism, eliminating the need for regular maintenance and making your neighbourhood safer.

Enviromentally friendly & innovative

With its low energy consumption, Pathlight Guardian™ LED luminaire is ideal for use with solar panels in off-the-grid locations to illuminate streets, parks, walkways, parking lots, jetties and other public spaces.

Product Benefits

Industrial Grade Finishings

We source the finest 316 stainless steel to ensure the luminaire provides superior performance all year round.

Instant ON/OFF

LEDs do not require warm up. Instant on to 100% output translates to no downtime, improved safety and the ability to utilize sensor switching to significantly save energy.

No flickering

High Quality white light without stroboscopic flickering.

High IP rating - IP66

This product is high pressure washable.

Low Susceptibility to Vibration

This luminaire is designed to handle continuous exposure to vibration.

LONG useful operating LIFE (L70)

This luminaire’s life is rated at 50,000 hours to 70% residual light output.

3 years full/solid Warranty

All Coolon Industrial Products are backed by a Solid 3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Proudly Made In Australia

Coolon products are proudly designed and manufactured in Australia.


Model Pathlight Guardian™
Optical Characteristics
Luminous Flux (Photometered) 1000 –
 1300 lm
Luminous Flux (LED Lumens) 1300 lm
CCT WWT 2700K –
CWT 4300K –
CRI >70
Electrical Characteristics (Luminaire)
Power Consumption 9.6W Typical
Nominal Voltage 12VDC / 24VDC
Voltage Range 11 – 50 VDC
Cable Type UL2095, 16 AWG x 2C Braid PVC, UV Resistant
Cable Diameter 7.5mm
Cable Length 7m
IP Rating IP66
Impact Rating IK09
Salt Spray Tested Yes
Operating Temp. Range -20 – 50°C
Thermal Management Type Active / Continuous
Expected Lifespan 50,000 Hours to 70% Brightness
Material Composition (Body) Stainless Steel 316
Material Composition (Diffuser) Polycarbonate
Luminaire Weight 0.8kg (L) 1.5kg (L+C)
Packaging Dimensions 380 x 140 x 70mm
Packaged Weight 1.7kg
Warranty 3 years warranty as standard
5 years extended warranty optional


  Title Description File Size Download
Pathlight Guardian™ Pathlight Guardian™ Full Pathlight Guardian™ specifications - PDF format 370 KB   DOWNLOAD

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