ROM Hopper Bin Indicator

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Power: 240W

The ROM Hopper Bin Indicator assists drivers by indicating the location of the truck tray with respect to the walls of the hopper.

Download ROM Bin Hopper LED Specification Sheet (PDF)

Used by
industry peers

ROM Hopper Bin Indicator bars are widely used by the Iron Ore industry across Australia.
This simple, yet effective navigation system helps to continuously improve circuit turnaround time and save cost of accident related down time.

Improve Safety, Productivity & Reduce Fatigue

The ROM Hopper Bin Indicator is an intricate solution that has been proven for many years to provide successful results.
It allows the driver to quickly and effortlessly align the dump truck whilst reversing into the bin.

Light Sensor

ROM Hopper Bin Indicator controller is fitted with a remote daylight sensor. This sensor is purpose made in a way that would minimize the effect of dirt and dust deposits. The sensor will control the brightness of light bars to combat the glare from the bright desert sun by day. And dim the light levels down by night to avoid discomfort glare for dump truck drivers.

Product Benefits

Cool surface temperature

Solid state luminaires are designed to dissipate the heat generated by the LEDs. Due to this, the LED fittings have a much lower surface temperature than traditional HID equivalents.

Extra Low Voltage Operation

Eliminates the danger of exposure to electric shock.

LONG useful operating LIFE (L70)

This luminaire’s life is rated at 50,000 hours to 70% residual light output.

High IP rating - IP66

This product is high pressure washable.

Industrial Grade Finishings

Low Susceptibility to Vibration

This luminaire is designed to handle continuous exposure to vibration

3 years full/solid Warranty

All Coolon Industrial Products are backed by a Solid 3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Proudly Made In Australia

Coolon products are proudly designed and manufactured in Australia.


Electrical Characteristics (Power Supply)
Model Part Number PWR-AS2SBAR-WBLLS
Voltage Range 90 ~ 264VAC
Frequency Range 47 ~ 63Hz
Power Factor
0.94 / 230VAC
Leakage Current
<0.8mA / 240VAC
Electrical Characteristics (Luminaire)
Nominal Voltage 24VDC
Voltage Range 22 - 30VDC
Cable Type UL2517 14#2C+18#1C+Braid PVC UV Resistant, Black
Cable Diameter 7.5mm
Cable Length 3M
IP Rating IP66
Operating Temp. Range -20 ~ +50°C
Thermal Management Type Active/Continuous
Expected Lifespan 50,000 Hours to 70% Brightness
Material Composition (Body) Aluminum Alloy (Marine Grade Black Anodized)
Material Composition (Optics) Protective Polycarbone Clear Cover
Material Composition (Bracket) Stainless Steel 304 Brackets
Weight / Packaging
Luminaire Weight 11.6kg x 2
Luminaire Packaging 160cm x 10cm x 10cm
Power Supply Weight 8kg x 1
Power Supply Packaging 40cm x 28cm x 18cm
Standard 3 Year Warranty
Premium 5 Year Warranty


  Title Description File Size Download
Rom Hopper Bin Indicator Rom Hopper Bin Indicator Full Rom Hopper Bin Indicator specifications - PDF format 593 KB   DOWNLOAD
Rom Hopper Bin Indicator (Spanish) Rom Hopper Bin Indicator (Spanish) Full Rom Hopper Bin Indicator specifications in Spanish - PDF format 585 KB   DOWNLOAD
Rom Hopper Bin Indicator Manual Rom Hopper Bin Indicator Manual Rom Hopper Bin Indicator installation instructions - PDF format 177 KB   DOWNLOAD

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