Lumen Output: 6000 ~ 15000 lm

Power: 240W

Freezer High Bay Industrial LED luminaire features a long life span which eliminates the need for constant maintenance, offers the ability for instant restrike and outputs very little heat, making it an ideal solution for cold storage and freezer applications.

Light Precisely Where it Counts

Often vertical light levels are not taken into consideration when considering lighting replacement. It is a highly important performance factor for any warehousing type application. Australian standards clearly define minimum light levels that need to be achieved by the selected lighting system.

Made for Ultra-Low Temperatures

The Freezer LED has been specifically engineered from LEDs that are able to withstand constant switching during subzero temperatures. Other components that are not designed to work in this environment have been removed from this luminaire and relocated into the control gear assembly to ensure reliable operation.

Dimmable and Energy Efficient

Freezer LED is highly controllable, when not in use, it can be dimmed down or switched off to maximise the return on investment from energy savings.

Precision Optics

Freezer LED utilizes optics that pushes the light further along the isle, maximizing the spacing between luminaires whilst maintaining the required minimum light levels. This means fewer light fittings required, that often converts into significant cost savings to the end customer.

Product Benefits

Instant ON/OFF

LEDs do not require warm up. Instant on to 100% output translates to no downtime, improved safety and the ability to utilize sensor switching to significantly save energy.

No flickering

High Quality white light without stroboscopic flickering

High Quality white light with High CRI

High Quality white light with High Colour Rendering Index

Unrestricted Burning Position

LED luminaires are more flexible when it comes to aiming angles and orientation.

Extra Low Voltage Operation

Eliminates the danger of exposure to electric shock.

LONG useful operating LIFE

This luminaire’s life is rated at 50,000 hours to 70% residual light output.

3 years full/solid Warranty

All Coolon Industrial Products are backed by a Solid 3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Proudly Made In Australia

Coolon products are proudly designed and manufactured in Australia.


Luminous Flux (Raw) 6000 ~ 15000 lm
Luminous Flux (Photometered) 6000 ~ 15000 lm
Power Consumption 240W Max
Recommended External Power Supply 24VDC 320W
Operating Voltage Range 22 ~ 32VDC
Current Consumption 0.38A / 240VAC
IP Rating IP22
Power Factor >0.9
Weight 9.5kg
Body Stainless Steel and Aluminium Alloy*(Marine Grade Black Anodized)


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