A Perfect High Bay Wish List

Deliver high power light while being lightweight and compact

Achieve large spacing while minimizing glare and lighting pollution

Survive high ambient temperature while sustaining a long life

Deliver high performance while not breaking the budget

Deliver much light on the ground while also delivering much light on the rack-face

Simply Perfect
Heat Sink

The key to optimal heat sink design, and consequent product performance, lies in delicately balancing a large surface area with small air resistance.

In the same way that tree branches spread out to absorb sunlight, the fins of IBYS act to increase the total surface area to allow maximum heat dissipation.


The IBYS heat sink is so efficient that it allows air to flow through without creating any resistance at all.

Unrestricted Orientation

Most conventional gas discharge lamps must be placed in a specific burning position to achieve the specified useful life and performance.

By contrast, IBYS has no restrictions on its orientation. It can be used in a variety of flood lighting applications without affecting lifespan or performance.

Precision Optics

Conventional gas discharge high bays are bulky to allow for a large reflector to direct light to the work surface.

By contrast, IBYS uses special purpose-built optics to achieve greater performance at a fraction of the size.

Grade Fittings

Multi-layered protection allows IBYS to survive exposure to harsh conditions.

The top layer of IBYS consists of high-performance powder coating that is resistant to most chemicals and other abrasives.

Underneath the top coat, the aluminium alloy body of IBYS is anodized to provide additional protection, in case of physical damage to the top layer.

      Powder Coating



High CRI

The colour rendering index (CRI) is the ability of a light source to reveal an object's colours in comparison with daylight.

With a CRI of 70 ~ 80, IBYS emits light with a spectrum closely resembling that of daylight - significantly outshining its traditional predecessors.

IBYS is also available with CRI of 90+.

Built Tough

Independent testing has shown IBYS to be IP66 rated, meaning it is totally protected against dust and water.

This makes IBYS suitable for use in just about any environment where a reliable high bay solution is required.


Every single Coolon luminaire is subjected to hours of rigorous testing and evaluation, and the IBYS is no exception.

IBYS is the best high bay solution in the market.

Capable of producing 70% residual light output after 50,000 hours, IBYS is the perfect high efficiency alternative to traditional gas discharge lamps.

Mounting Options

IBYS LED High Bay is a fraction of the weight of conventional high bays and offers a number of mounting options to suit your requirements.

Mounting configurations for IBYS include hook mount, fixed plant mounting bracket, wall mounting bracket and heavy duty mounting bracket.

Evolution of Intelligence

The future of energy efficiency lies in lighting controls. Unlike conventional high bays, IBYS is fully compatible with most intelligent lighting control systems.

Future-proof your investment in LED lighting by pairing IBYS with intelligent sensors controlled by Light Magic, Coolon's ground-breaking wireless lighting control system.

Live Status Updates

Imagine knowing exactly how much energy is being consumed every hour, how long the lights have been on for, and how they are performing.

Imagine being able to optimise the light output and energy consumed, based on required ambient light levels.

With the IBYS and Light Magic, you can.