Coolon LED Lighting invests into state of the art ingress protection line

As you know, Coolon is proud to be an Australian manufacturer of top-end architectural LED lighting solutions. As part of our commitment keep production onshore, Coolon is expanding and improving its design and manufacturing capabilities.

In response to customer demand, in early 2016 Coolon LED Lighting embarked on a mission to find highly advanced and innovative methods of ingress protection. Coolon appointed Demak Group, a global leader in polyurethane potting and encapsulating techniques, to design and deliver a state of the art solution tailored to the needs of our customers.

Coolon / Demak

The use of resins to improve reliability and performance of electro-mechanic and electronic components is well-known and such applications are constantly growing and developing.

Thanks to Demak's innovative technology, the encapsulation process becomes reliable and efficient, while delivering value to our customers through higher quality products.

In the coming months, Coolon will be redesigning some products in line with the innovative encapsulation capabilities offered by the new technology.

This will not only improve our products by providing better ingress and impact protection, but also allow us to design and develop new products that were unthinkable until now.

Coolon / Demak

We look forward to sharing with you the benefits of the innovative technology that Coolon has invested in.

We will be with you all the way through any key changes.

Coolon / Demak

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