The Journey

Lighting sculpture designed by Robert Foster of Fink and co in collaboration with Frost* and Coolon LED Lighting. LED's inside the plexiglass forms change colour with pre-programmed DMX sequences 24/7 and interact to viewers movement using 5 motion sensors. Commissioned by ACTEWAGL in 2011 the dynamic work covers an area of 300 square metres and the 37 ossolites range in height from 1m to 3m.

“The Journey” was one of the most unique and fun projects we had the pleasure of working on.  Robert Foster is remarkably creative, and wanted the very best for his sculptures, setting a technically complex design brief to Coolon LED Lighting.  The design called for each “Ossalite” to have a full gamut colour changing capability.  Each sculpture required smooth colour morphing, with colour rolling and flowing from top to bottom with precise individual control.

Initially we were hesitant to take on the task, but the challenge proved too tempting to resist.   We wanted to prove we were up to the task.  We wanted to prove that it was possible.  After numerous trials and prototypes we were able to achieve what Robert had envisaged for his sculptures.

Each sculpture is equipped with a custom built twin light source at the base.  The aiming angles and optics were calculated for each individual unique ossalite, with colour hue and saturation adjusted by software onsite.  The installation is connected via a dedicated DMX control network with each ossalite occupying a massive range of 10 DMX channels and capable of producing an enormous spectrum of colours.  Colours included 2 sources of RED, Green, Blue, Warm White and Cool White.

Unique projects always prove to be challenging, and with every challenge there is a sense of accomplishment.  We are only limited by our imagination……

“The Journey” was commissioned in 2011 and was recognized with the below awards.

2011 ACT Architecture Awards - Light in Architecture Prize
2011 NSW IES Lighting Awards – An Award of Excellence
2012 IESANZ Supreme Brilliance Award – An Award of Excellence




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